SDK Browser v1.0.0.0 RELEASED!

Date 5-Jun-2005 13:38:40
Topic: hardware OS4

BITbyBIT Software Group LLC is happy to announce the release of The SDK Browser v1.0.0.0

This marks the final release of the shareware version, as all
new development will go toward the commercial version (v2.0).
The special shareware price of US $15.00 has been extended
until July 1st, 2005. Anyone who registers The SDK Browser
by that date will still qualify to receive the commercial release
(normally US $24.95) for FREE! So register your copy today
and help fund the Advanced Visual Developer project.
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This release contains many new features over the preview versions.

Here are just a few of the new features available with this release:
o Faster than ever before using newly optimized viewing routines and less disk access.
o Quick find ANY item in the active list just by typing the first few letters of its name.
o New "Includes" browsing. Live browse the system includes using the new embedded
directory scanner.
o New "Project" tab for browsing your own project files.
o Much More. Check out more details on the v1.0.0.0 release HERE.
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You can find out more about and download The SDK Browser v1.0.0.0 on the web site.

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