AmiPodder 1.0: Amiga Podcast Reveiver

Date 11-Jun-2005 13:06:03
Topic: Announcement

AmiPodder version 1.0 has just been released. AmiPodder is a utility for subscribing to podcasts (a regularly published radio programme, usually in MP3 format) on your Amiga. AmiPodder will download each podcast as it is published and then you can listen to the programme on your Amiga or transfer it to a portable music player.

Podcasting is a new Internet service that is just starting to take off. Currently most podcasts are produced by amateurs but large media organisations including the BBC are beginning to offer some of their programmes as podcasts too. Recently podcasting got a big credibility boost when Apple announced that podcast support will be included in the next version of iTunes. With AmiPodder, Amiga users are able to take advantage of this new technology right from the start!

AmiPodder is freeware and version 1.0 can be downloaded from:

I'm continuing to develop AmiPodder to improve the user interface and to support podcasting standards as they evolve, if you'd like to be part of making this software better, please join the AmiPodder mailing list linked on the site.

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