Free PC software to test before making an OS4 version

Date 11-Jun-2005 17:04:02
Topic: Software News

Hi All,

I have now made one of my software titles free of charge so that it can be tested with a view to making an OS4 version.

I hope to start work on an OS4 version soon, so if anyone would like to test out this PC version and pass on any ideas for additional features you would like to see in the OS4 version, now is your chance to do so.

Puzzler's Companion is an aid to solve Crosswords, Anagrams, Sundial or Nonogram puzzles, and also an aid to playing Channel 4's TV game show, "Countdown" being able to solve all three of their games, i.e. Letters Game, Conundrum and also the Numbers Game.

Download your free copy from Puzzlers Companion Web Site

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