Hyperion @ AmiGBG 2005 - Developers Pavilion

Date 13-Jun-2005 23:27:18
Topic: Events

We are thrilled to announce the participation of Hyperion Entertainment at this years AmiGBG. Hans-Joerg and Thomas Frieden will be part of our Developers Pavilion and hold BoF sessions with the visitors. Please visit www.amigbg.com and click on A.D.P for more information about this part of the event. Also recent additions to the fair includes Guru Meditation, who will show us the first version of Directory Opus Magellan for OS4.


Other recent additions to the exhibitors list is AmigaWorld.net, the Swedish print magazine Azine, Amiga Computer Group and OnyxSoft!

Preebook your ticket NOW! That's an order!

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