PowerPC 7448 from freescale will be available in october 2005

Date 21-Jun-2005 16:38:04
Topic: Hardware News

On monday 20-06-2005 Freescale Semiconductor, during the Freescale technology forum, anounced that their discreete MPC7448 processor based on the e600 core will be released in October.

The MPC7448 is the first PPC product released by Freescale that's on their 90nm process.

The MPC7448 features an enhanced G4+ core called the e600 core, the enhancments include an OOoE enhanced Altivec unit, a rework of the cache/memory register subsystem and enhanced powersaving features. The MPC7448 features a 1MB fully ECC protected L2 cache, a 200Mhz MPX/60x bus and clockspeeds up to 1.7Ghz.

More information can be found in the official news release, here, the PR factsheet[PDF, 0.6MB] or the MPC7450 RISC Microprocessor Family Reference Manual[PDF, 7MB]

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