Amiga Future Preview And Trial Online

Date 23-Jun-2005 19:14:00
Topic: Announcement

The preview and reading trial of the Amiga Future 55 (July/August 2005) are online since today.

Besides a review of Hollywood on OS4, Basilsik 2, AmigaSYS, Scalos 1.4 Beta, Cycas, MorphOS 1.45, Barkanoid 2, No Gravity, Crimson Fields you can find of course many other interesting reports in this issue.

On the cover CD 55 we have started the second part of the "invasion of full versions". You can find the full versions of Behind The Iron Gate, Der Trainer, Embryo, Fatman, Football Glory, Football Indor, Fussball Total, Hyperion, Kid Pool, Mega Motion, Der Seelenturm, Tactical Manager, Tower of Souls, Wheelspin and XTreme Racing. At this point many thanks go to Black Legend for their support.

A deeper description of contents can be found here:

The Amiga Future can be obtained as a single issue and as a subscription (each with or without a cover CD) directly from the editorial office and your Amiga dealer.

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