WW2 3.0 with Network Play

Date 3-Jul-2005 0:00:32
Topic: Software News

This is a free computer version clone of the "Axis & Allies" board game by Milton Bradley.

Now with a head-to-head network play option!

Get it from OS4Depot and go to war against a friend.

The biggest difference between this version and all the other attempts (both commercial and non-commercial) is that this implementation is exclusively for the Amiga! :)

The game is currently incomplete but still playable in its current form. Only R&D rules remain to be implemented as well as configuration options. See the included AmigaGuide file for more details.

Major changes in 3.0 include:
- Implemented basic head-to-head internet play.
- GUI now runs in either host or remote mode at startup.
- Windows can now be dragged offscreen.
- Greatly improved robustness in error situations.
- Added entropy seed to the random number generator.
- Fixed bugs reported by John Chandler.
- Fixed various obscure rule violations.
- Improved file requesters.

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