Amiga Future July/August out

Date 4-Jul-2005 11:19:34
Topic: News

Today the Amiga Future #55 (July/August 2005) has been released.

This means: All subscriptions and single orders have been brought to the postal office today. When you'll be holding the paper in your hands only depends on your kind postmans. :)

Since this will be an anniversary issue all subscribers and preorderers receive a second CD free of charge.

Besides a review of Hollywood on OS4, Basilisk 2, AmigaSYS, Scalos 1.4 Beta, Cycas, MorphOS 1.45, Barkanoid 2, No Gravity and Crimson Fields you'll find many other interesting reports in this issue of course.

On the cover CD 55 we have started the second part of the "invasion of full versions". You can find full versions of Behind the Iron Gate, Der Trainer, Embryo, Fatman, Football Glory, Football Indoor, Fussball Total, Hyperion, Kid Pool, Mega Motion, Der Seelenturm, Tactical Manager, Tower of Souls, Wheelspin and XTreme Racing. Many thanks at this point to Black Legend for their kind support.

A more detailed description of contents of this issue can be found here:

The Amiga Future can be obtained as a single issue and as a subscription (each with or without a cover CD) directly at the editorial office and your local amiga dealer (Vesalia for instance).

Users living in Sweden can obtain the Amiga Future also from GGS-Data recently and living in the Netherlands from Computer City.

Please notice that amiga users from Austria don't have to pay extra for shipping costs to foreign countries for the Amiga Future!

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