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Date 7-Jul-2005 6:13:33
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SECOND SPECIAL IMMEDIATE INFORMATION RELEASE for AmiWest 2005, July 23rd, 2005 in Sacramento, California! Our webpage at is being updated with all the current show information. We encourage you to visit our site to see the rest of the current information.

Amiga Forever,

Sacramento Amiga Computer Club
AmiWest 2005 Committee


By special arrangement, Amiga OS4 developer Richard Drummond will present the banquet address at the AmiWest 2005 Saturday evening banquet! He is our **surprise** speaker this year! Here is the rest of the bio of Richard (courtesy of AmiWest committee member Charles Pickrell) to help you get better acquainted!

"Ben Hermans of Hyperion, having learned about Rich during his Amiga Format days, contacted Rich asking him if he would be interested in doing some documentation for the upcoming Amiga OS 4. While Richard never ultimately took the documentation job he now had a contact and relationship with Ben at Hyperion.

Later Rich and his wife decided to move their family to his wife's home town of Fort Wayne, Indiana so they and their children could be closer to her family. Moving from Europe to the US, Richard decided to shed his aging Amigas for the move.

It was at this time Rich became more intersted in the Amiga emulator UAE, which allowed him to run classic Amiga software on Linux. Realizing that UAE on Linux didn't work terribly well, Richard rolled up his shirtsleeves and started making changes to UAE himself. The UAE maintainer, Bernd Schmidt, never responded to offers from Rich of his home-grown upgrades to UAE so he started making them just for himself. Later in discussion boards people were complaining about the poor compatibility of UAE and Richard offered his upgrades to others. This quickly bloomed into the current E-UAE that Rich maintains for Linux, Mac, Amiga, and Unix platforms. This got Richard on the select beta test team for OS4 so he could make his E-UAE work properly with OS4 before its official release.

Not content simply to be a beta-tester of OS4.0, Rich compiled the first two OS4 pre-release CDs for Hyperion and has helped out with the development of Picasso96 and Warp3D drivers for OS4.0. He has also worked for Mr Hardware Computers, bringing their relational database software, SBase4, to OS4.0.

Want to know Rich's thoughts and inside information on OS4 from the perspective of a developer? Would you like to know more about E-UAE? Then attend AmiWest 2005 in Sacramento, CA on July 23."


So remember,

AmiWest 2005 is rolling! The facility is reserved and the vendors are notified! Keep watching for these releases and tell everyone that you know - the Amiga and the Amiga community is alive and well!
AmiWest 2005 will be at the

Clarion Hotel Cal Expo
2600 Auburn Blvd.
Sacramento California 95821

Reservations Phone 1-800-424-6423 toll-free (local 1-916-487-7600) and by snail-mail at the above address.

Please watch our website at for continuing news and information regarding AmiWest 2005. We are on target for another improved show! See you there!

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