AMUC to attend AmiWest 2005

Date 7-Jul-2005 22:50:48
Topic: Events

The Amiga Users of Calgary (AMUC) will be attending AmiWest 2005 with plenty of classic Amiga software CD-ROMs to give away and a t-shirt or two. Become a member and you'll have access to AMUC's inventory for free. Details about the club and our services are at our web site. We'll also be accepting new memberships at the show.

AMUC will have a MicroA1-C Amiga computer system on hand to demonstrate the latest version of WW2 as well as OS4 itself including the latest beta SDK.

Steven Solie will be representing AMUC. Steven is the current Chair of AMUC, author of the recently updated WW2 board game clone and an active OS4 beta tester. Steven has also released an updated GNU make, AGG, STLport, C++ Boost and Expat for OS4 (see os4depot). If you want to get into OS4 software developement, be sure to visit the AMUC table and he'll try his best to help you get started. If you already are an OS4 developer, feel free to talk shop. We hear he especially enjoys modern C++ discussions .

With all those OS4 beta testers on hand, who knows what secrets might be divulged at AmiWest 2005? (Just kidding Ben)

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