ESI Juli@ audio driver for OS4

Date 7-Jul-2005 22:01:17
Topic: Software News

The high quality ESI/Egosys Juli@ sound card is now supported on OS4 by an AHI driver made by Davy Wentzler. The card has stereo in/out, digital in/out and MIDI in/out, all of which are working. It can playback and record upto 192kHz in 24-bit and the sockets can be swapped between RCA and TRS(balanced)! More information on the card can be found here.

The card will be supported by the Envy24HT driver which already supports the Terratec Aureon 5.1 Sky, 7.1 Space, Phase28 and M-Audio Revolution.

Big note: It seems that this card has changed chips during its lifetime from an Envy24 to Env24HT or Envy24HT-S. It's possible that even different codecs were used (it now uses AKM instead of Wolfson WM). The card I tested this on was brand new, so if you buy this card new it will probably work.

Thanks to Krister Skrtic for supporting driver development for this card and also to Egosys for providing full source code (!) and documentation to their Windows drivers. The driver will be uploaded to OS4depot in the coming days.

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