SFS 1.245

Date 13-Jul-2005 10:55:35
Topic: Software News

New SmartFileSystem is available for download! (68k and OS4 version)

- SFS now refuses to format too large partitions and existing too large
partitions are mounted read-only. The current partition size limits
of SFS are:
64 GB with 512 bytes/block
128 GB with 1024 bytes/block
256 GB with 2048 bytes/block
512 GB with 4096 bytes/block
1 TB with 8192 bytes/block
2 TB with 16384 and 32768 bytes/block
Don't keep using old SFS versions because you have too large
partitions and want to continue using them, you WILL get errors on
such partitions sooner or later.

Added by Wegster:
You may donate to the SFS project via Moneybooker or PayPal here. . Please consider making a donation to show your appreciation.

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