AmiGBG 2005 - 9 days left!

Date 15-Jul-2005 0:02:11
Topic: Events

The AmiGBG Amiga fair is just around the corner, only 9 days left to the 23rd of July!
The latest news are that SAFIR and Mathias "AmiDog" Roslund will be an exhibitors at the fair, AmiDog will show the latest version of his OS4 Playstation emulator with Warp3D support! There will also be an 20th birthday party after the fair (price 170SEK).

The ticket booking will close Sunday the 17th of July, so hurry up to buy your ticket now. Not only will you save 50SEK comparing to buying a ticket at the door, you will also be able to win nice prices on your pre booked ticket.

The AmiGBG website will be continuously be updated with more details, so be sure to visit! A preliminary layout of the exhibitors at the fair has been published along with different sections like AmigaArt, Retro-Room and Showcase has been published yesterday on the website!

Welcome to the Amiga event of the year! The 20th birthday celebration of the Amiga – AmiGBG 2005!

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