eXtream Sync released

Date 15-Jul-2005 18:00:42
Topic: Software News

eXtream Sync is the first released library from the eXtream range of media products being made by Davy Wentzler.

eXtream Sync provides a process that integrates multiple multi-media applications. Its function is to synchronize playback between applications that are connected to the eXtream Sync server process. Once a program/task is attached to it, it can send and receive transport control messages like play, stop, pause and locate.

Since the connected applications can require some time to seek to the correct location, internal 'pre-load' commands are sent to the client tasks, and the server waits until every application acknowledges that they are ready. Only after that, a real 'start' command is sent. This pre-loading is very important for optimal synchronisation. Without it, a program would start before the other one is ready.

For example: MIDI application A sends a start command to the eXtream Sync server and waits. eXtream Sync sends a PreLoad command to audio application B and video player C. Both B and C pre-load data so they can start play back directly as soon as a Start command comes in. B and C acknowledge they are done pre-loading. Then eXtream Sync sends a start to all programs, starting them all simultaneously.

In the near future, at least 3 products will be announced to have support for eXtream Sync and a future version will have the added possibility to synchronize over network.

Although this software is free, donations are always welcome at paypal@audio-evolution.com for my work on eXtream, drivers and ports.

Update: The eXtream Sync library can be downloaded from OS4 Depot

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