Italian Amiga fair Pianeta Amiga 2005 announced

Date 16-Jul-2005 15:56:46
Topic: Events

Pianeta Amiga is an important Italian Amiga fair. This year's fair will take place on the 3rd and 4th of September at the" Palazzo Esposizioni" in Empoli (nearby Florence). Some interesting new products to be shown.

Preliminary list of confirmed participants:

- Alternative Technologies
- Amiga Platform
- Bitplane
- Ikir Sector
- ItBug
- Soft3
- Virtual Works

New products to be shown:

- Amiga Forever 2005
- Audio Evolution OS 4.0
- Bitplane numero 12
- Sound FX Amiga Os 4.0
- Amiga Classix 4
- more

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