OS4 version of Beats Of Rage Released

Date 16-Jul-2005 17:19:39
Topic: Software News

The stunning freeware beat em up game "Beats Of Rage" which is based upon King Of Fighters/Streets Of Rage has now hit OS4.

Mr Capehill ported it and the port has all sounds and music along with a 2player mode and of course the nifty and colour full graphics.

The game can also be played in window mode and in fullscreen in the choice of low or highres (highres beeing 640x480)

Beats Of Rage also supports alot of mods (ie other games/add-ons) (search the web for BoR Mods for more info)


Beats Of Rage Website


The Game data files is downloaded from here:
60MB Data Set

And ofcourse the OS4 binary can be found at os4depot:


This was my first news item so be gentle oh and thanks to ToAks for showing me this game while i visited earlier today (and ofcourse thanks to MrCapehill for porting this gem of a game)

ps:i used over 20 minutes to figure out how to add Images and links as the buttons (url*/img etc) does'nt work in Ibrowse.

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