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Date 17-Jul-2005 11:47:57
Topic: Internet News

In the interest of supporting the Amiga community, and the Amiga Wiki project have joined forces to promote a living, evolving knowledge base about the Amiga computer.

Our goal is to help cover everything between the Amiga's history, to it's capabilities and differences, to it's very future in one single place. Over the coming weeks (time pending), Wayne hopes to create new links on to both provide everyone with direct links to the content at, as well as to devise a program to solicit help from every user to help "fill in the blanks" until the site fulfills it's true potential as a repository of information.

This is a collaborative effort between Alex Whittaker and Wayne Hunt, though each will retain complete control over their own respective projects. To further this effort and enhance communication between the two efforts, Alex is being invited to join the staff at

If you have any ideas of constructive comment, please let us know.

Alex can be reached at alex (AT), while Wayne is, as always, at wayne (AT)

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