IBrowse 2.4 to be demonstrated on 23rd of July !

Date 18-Jul-2005 16:40:28
Topic: Software News

The long awaited IBrowse 2.4 is to be demonstrated at Amiga-shows on the 20th anniversary of the Amiga-computer!

On 23rd July 2005, IBrowse 2.4 will be making its public debut at three shows around the globe. The demo will consist of:

* current IBrowse 2.4 beta, 68k build
* current JavaScript library beta, PPC OS4 build
* current Flash plugin beta, 68k build

and will show the new features that will be available in IBrowse 2.4. The shows that will be demo'ing are:

AmiGBG in Sweden, by Andreas Loong
AmiWest in USA, by Richard Drummond
Fyanica in Hungary, by Stephen Fellner

Please note this is NOT the launch of IBrowse 2.4, which will hopefully be later this year

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