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Date 21-Jul-2005 17:16:14
Topic: News

Total Amiga Magazine turns 21!

We are pleased to announce that Issue 21 of Total Amiga Magazine has gone to the printers. Which means that it should be with subscribers and our worldwide dealer network, 1st week of August.

Don't just sit there! Read on to see what's in our Party Issue!

Roundup of Amiga related news items.

Amiga OS 4 Update.
MorphOS and Ambient Update.
Interview with Andreas Falkenhahn (Hollywood).
Interview with Sebastian Bauer (SimpleMail).

Hollywood and Designer for OS 4.
Audio Evolution 4.
Amigakit.com WIFI PCI Card.
WinUAE 1.0.
Amiga in a Box 10.5
AmigaSYS 2.

Create your own Ken's Icons.
Hollywood Designer Tutorial.
Digital Expertise part 2
C Programming tutorial part 5

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