Candy Factory 2 previews on 23rd of July

Date 22-Jul-2005 10:26:38
Topic: Announcement

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Two years in the making, Candy Factory 2 (preview version) is to be demonstrated for the first time at Amiga shows on the 23rd of July, the 20th anniversary of the Amiga-computer.

“The next step in fast, fun, graphics creation.”

Candy Factory™ is a program for creating professional looking graphics using bevels, glows, drop-shadows, bump-mapping, textures and lighting effects. With the minimum of effort you can quickly produce logos, titles, banners, headings, buttons and other similar graphics. Instant visual feedback of the adjustments made means the settings can be tweaked in real-time until you are completely happy with the result.

Version 2 of this unique application consists of a substantial overhaul of the original code, with many parts rewritten from scratch to take full advantage of the newest features of AmigaOS 4.0. Users who are familiar with the old Candy Factory Pro will notice many completely new, significant features and performance improvements. Some of these include:

* Open multiple canvas/project windows at the same time.

* Canvas windows are resizable and have scrollbars for unlimited size projects. Rendering only occurs in the visible part for maximum response even on the largest of projects.

* Each canvas can have multiple 'layers'. The background is fixed, all the others are added and composed on top. Whereas the previous version of the program had 'Object'/'Background' selection tabs for changing things like the bump-mapping of these two elements, there is now a 'layers window' similar to that found in other art packages. It provides the same kinds of features, including drag-n-drop reordering of the layers, enable/disable, etc.

* Unified tools windows, for things like bevel, bumpmap, material, etc. With right mouse popup menu you can move the contents of one tool into the same window as another tool. They become selectable via tabs. This allows less windows on screen, while at the same time still allowing the all important fast access to any/all tools when needed, when the user wants them.

* Full use of the latest ReAction GUI features, including the new ‘toolbox’ class of windows.

* Several bugs squashed, and optimized algorithms. (Many completely rewritten from scratch to better suit the latest platform features such as Altivec support.)

Visitors will be able to see the current status of Candy Factory at the AmiGBG and AmiWest shows on Saturday. Demo'ing are:

AmiGBG in Sweden, Hans-Joerg Frieden / Hyperion Entertainment
AmiWest in USA, Richard Drummond.

This preview is intended to give a taste of Candy Factory 2 as it currently is. There are still a number of additional features to be added.

- Zeoneo Limited

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