Boinged In Belgium reminder !

Date 25-Jul-2005 8:14:43
Topic: Announcement

More or less 14 days to go before "Boinged In Belgium 2005" . So here a small reminder ....

- Used hard- and software market where anyone that has something to sell can do so.

- A lot of demo's are going to be shown on the bigscreen. and also bigscreen retrogaming

- Always wanted to see the movie about the last days of commodore ... now is your change ! "the deathbed vigil" by Dave Haynie on the bigscreen.

- Cloanto sponsors us with 3 copies of Amiga Forever 7.0. Two go in to the modded Amigacompo ( Bring your Amiga with you !!!! ) and another one is in the raffle for the people who bought their ticket in presale ( 1 week before the presale ends ! )

- Rose Humphrey of Amont Informatique ( France, Toulouse ) is going to be on the show with hopefully a working 1.3 Ghz G4 prototype and with some A1 stuff for sale.
And as kind has she is, she is also offering a beautifull prize for the one that shows up with an application for OS4. The best application will win: A wireless PCI card for the A1 with drivers, an Amiga t-shirt and coffeemug !

- Davy Wentzler, "Mister Audio Evolution" himself is going to show what is software is capable of doing!

- The AmigaOpenOffice team is showing their progress on their work.

- Always wanted a Boinball on your Amiga ... now is your chance, one of Belgium's finest special painters is going to do his thing on saturday the 6th .

Ofcours there is always a lot to do or to see, various AmigaOnes are going to be on the show to play around with, few mediator users to fire your questions @ regarding this excellent board from Elbox. And also a few other things up the sleave to be announced so stay tuned

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