Date 27-Feb-2003 11:59:50
Topic: News

NES,MasterSystem,MegaDrive,NeoGeo- they dripped hyperbole like asweaty advertisr but the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 2 seem to be named by genealogists.. Anyway Sony appers to have quietly slipped out a copy of its plans for the PS3 to the US patent office.

Source taken from PCFORMAT:
" Here at PCFormat,weve got a hold of a copy of the patent,and very impressive it is,too. From the abstract, it`s obvious just how central broadband is going to be to this platform and just how fast the system could run. It`s all based on a lump of silicon called the Cell, which will contain multiple processors. The developers (Toshiba,IBM and Sony claim it will have the ability to do more than one TRILLION calculations - that`s about a hundred times more powerfull than a 2.5GHz P4.Oof.
To actually make use of this speed, you also need ridiculous fast memory, which is where the infamous Rambus corporation and its YellowStone technology come in.
At a 100 gigabits per second(USB 2.0 is just 480Mbits per second), this should just about cope.

Its quivalent to 100 P4`s but the PS3 still won`t be half as good as a PC. "

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