New AmigaOS4 Software Developer Kit available

Date 7-Aug-2005 23:52:44
Topic: Software News

Leuven, Belgium - 05. August, 2005

EDIT: There was a minor glitch in part of the SDK, a patch is now available. Additionally, there had been some server problems, now corrected. Moving News item back to top- re-download or patch your SDK if downloaded prior to August 7th. - Wegster

Hyperion Entertainment is proud to announce the availability of the Software Development Kit Version 51.15 for the AmigaOS 4.0 Developer Pre-Release. The new SDK comes at almost 100 MB compressed - 5 MB for each year in Amiga's history!

The new SDK features:

* GNU C/C++ compiler, including the GDB source-level debugger
* Includes and Autodocs for Pre-Release Update 3.
* The latest VBCC ANSI-C compiler
* Developer Documentation and example source code
* A whole bundle of pre-configured third-party libraries as contributed software

The SDK download is available for registered users of AmigaOS 4.0 Developer Pre-Release at

In addition to the full 100 MB download, a stripped-down, "nocontrib" version is also available, including a split-up version for modem users.
Hyperion Entertainment's website

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