eXtream Sync Remote Control @ Boinged in Belgium

Date 5-Aug-2005 19:57:03
Topic: Events

Tomorrow at the Boinged in Belgium Amiga show, Davy Wentzler will also show a PocketPC 2003 PDA application which can be used to control applications on the A1 remotely using WiFi. By using the network interface of eXtream Sync, it can control playback of any OS4 application that is connected to eXtream Sync. Two of those applications will be shown tomorrow at the show.

Imagine remote controlling your video or mp3 player from your couch or anywhere in the house! Ask for eXtream Sync support from your favourite media player developer. The SDK is included in the archive on OS4depot.

Next to being an eXtream Sync remote controller, it can also start any program or Arexx script, selected from a pre-defined list on the A1.

See you tomorrow at the show!

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