OS4 Perl port updated

Date 19-Aug-2005 12:47:53
Topic: Software News

I have now uploaded my latest version of my port of perl 5.8.5 to os4depot.



Fork emulation is now supported, using an adaption of the tecnique written for the Win32 version.

This version includes a few more of the standard extetions build in. The only ones not included now are POSIX and Devel:DProf. The inclusion of the Encode::#? modules does make the excutable a bit bloated but I've not figured a way to do dynamic loading as yet.

The binary version has built to fit better with the standard SDK layout, using SDK:Local/C instead of /usr/bin, and SDL:Local/clib2/lib for the libraries.

Keep an eye on http://www.broad.ology.org.uk/amiga/ for future updates on this and some othe projects.


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