Tamar needs new land VI

Date 24-Aug-2005 1:05:47
Topic: Software News

For the sixth time, we start our event 'Tamar needs new land!'.

Once again, all of Tamar has been settled, and new land has to be found for new realms.

Don't miss that opportunity! It will take place on September 1st, only 10 days from now. Start with other players under equal conditions, and show that your a contender for the rank of emperor!

Explore regions of Tamar that no man has set foot on before. Meet unique challanges like dragons, undead and other creatures, and prove yourself in the contest with other human players.

Hint 1:
Our price of 500 Euro for the first emperor among the realms created after January 1st 2005 has still not been claimed. (You'll find the detailed rules in the ToT forum).

Hint 2:
If you enter the keyword "Shareware" in the field for the serial number while registering, you can start playing for free. A turn fee will only apply once you got deeper into the game.
Also please add the remark that you want to start on September 1st.

Hint 3:
Since the clients for Mac OS and Linux are also playable on the same world, we need some beta testers for these systems.

Wishing you a lot of fun,
with best regards,
Your ToT-Team & Wolfen


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