DiscreetFX Logo For Dollars Cash Giveaway Challenge

Date 3-Mar-2003 8:16:35
Topic: Announcement

Real-time Broadcast Quality Visual Effects developer for the Amiga/Video Toaster Flyer and Video Toaster announces a new challenge for Amiga/Video Toaster artists worldwide.

Deep in the labs of DiscreetFX we are looking for a new logo but we can?t find one and we are too lazy too design it ourselves. Also, we know there are some damn talented artists in the Amiga & Video Toaster community and wanted to give everyone a stab at doing it for us with cash and product incentives of course.

So here is the deal on our logo challenge. We will allow you the Amiga & Video Toaster community to design our new logo for us. Also we will post all submissions on our website and allow you the community vote on which logo we will use. So fire up those paint packages, animation packages and Flash creation tools fellow artists.

We would not dare limit your creativity so we have very few limitations or rules for the challenge. Artwork/animations can be submitted as still images (IFF, JPEG, TIFF etc.), Flash animations, AVI files or whatever you wish. We only ask that whatever you submit is your original work and that it does not suck.

What you submit must have the words ?DiscreetFX? in some type of fancy pose or flash animation. Be creative and use your mind, we don?t care if it is ?Psygnosis? style or ?New Age? style or ?Retro? style. We leave the talent to you, all we offer is an open wallet for the winners.

Don?t forget that it will be voted on and judged by your peers so do a good job! Create your masterpieces with FlashMX, ImageFX 4.5, Zbrush, Photogenics 5, or even Deluxe Paint version 1 on the Amiga 1000, we don?t care as long as the artwork is fantastic.

The Winner takes home a prize of $100 via Paypal and one of the products of his or her choice from our development team http://www.discreetfx.com/Products.html. Or if the Winner is especially greedy they can opt for just $200 via Paypal and skip the free software. There will be prizes for runner up contestants as well. You will have to hurry though because this contest ends on April 3rd, 2003. Please send your contest entries to amigaart@discreetfx.com.

All submitted artwork/animations become the property of DiscreetFX but will never be used without compensation to the artist that created them. Also please don?t forget that we still have a limited supply of the two CD set Amiga/Video Toaster version of Pyromania and it will be available for a short time at the sale price of $24.95. ScaryFX for the Amiga & Video Toaster is also still available for $19.95. Visit www.discreetfx.com for more information and the latest tools for your Amiga & Video Toaster.

Best regards

Bill Panagouleas

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