File Area for AROS is open for business, Feelin ported

Date 29-Aug-2005 15:02:13
Topic: Software News

The AROS Archives is up and ready to accept your files!

This web site will be the main repository for all AROS software, but we need your help. Software needs to be uploaded to the site. Developers are definitely encouraged to upload their own software.

Update: AROS-Exec reports that Feelin has been ported to AROS. Screenshot

The site has went through some changes. We started out with a Microsoft ASP coded site, but with help from Björn Hagström, we were able to have the site coded in PHP, which makes it much easier to maintain.
Damir Sijakovic did a great job on the design for The AROS Archives.

This web site is supported by and is located at

I want to thank the following people for their help with the project.

Björn Hagström of
Damir Sijakovic
Ola "4pLaY" Jensen of
Nicolas "nicomen" Mendoza of

If you have any questions, please post in the forum, ask in the #aros IRC channel or e-mail

Thanks and enjoy!

Paul J. Beel

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