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Date 31-Aug-2005 16:13:10
Topic: Events

There are a few interesting news from the upcoming Pianeta Amiga show (3-4 September Empoli, Italy):

- a new batch of microA1-C boards just reached us from Eyetech, they will be sold at the show (only a few boards are still available).
- Andrea Vallinotto, from the AOS4 team, will keep two speeches on Saturday 3, one aimed to AOS4 users and the second one aimed to AOS4 developers.
- Soft3 will show at its stand Autovision 2005, a multimedia package actually in use in Driving Schools in Italy. The package reached its 10 years of life, and the author, Marco Fogli will show a WIP of the new AOS4 version.
- Virtual Works will show AOS4 running on A4000 and A1200 PPC equipped systems.
- Joachim Thomas will show LocalizATO, his new web-based project for creating and managing local catalogs for Amiga.
- The price of the show ticket, thanks to the efforts of Jasa and all the exhibitors is FREE!

More news to come, stay tumed


Max Tretene, S o f t 3

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