AmigaOS4: Apache now with working cgi-support!

Date 5-Sep-2005 11:04:09
Topic: Software News

Now available for AmigaOS4: Apache with working cgi-support!

You can download it at OS4depot or Aminet

New in this release: [Read on]

* Apache has now a working cgi-module! The cgi-code is totaly rewritten
using AmigaDOS-functions and should be quite fast.
* Added support of XSL. Allows to transform XML-files.
For more informations look here:
* Better performance!
* Added support of the strftime()-function.
* date()-function crashed when using option "r" - fixed.
* Revised installer-script. Fixed some bugs and everything is now done by the script.
* New examples in the example-directory for XSL and CGI.
* Some minor bugfixes and optimations.

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