Pianeta Amiga 2005 Show Report

Date 5-Sep-2005 12:04:53
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I post this report as a news so maybe it will be more visible...

Pianeta Amiga took place last week-end in Empoli, near Florence, Italy.

This is a brief report on what's happened at the show.

Os4 was shown on many AmigaOnes (both micros and XEs) and on a Amiga1200PPC and a Amiga4000PPC (they had the BPPC/BVISION and CPPC/CVISION combo). Although the raw speed isn't really comparable to the speed on the AmigaOne, OS4 worked very well and amazingly fast (for the hardware it was running on).

There were some micros on sale (you can contact VirtualWorks, Soft3 and Alternative Techonoly to check if they have something still in stock).

The screen dragging feature was shown on my A1XE together with all the latest beta stuff. For the first time in Amiga History was shown a new useful feature: drag & drop of Icons between differents screens (thanks to Massimo Tantignone for implementing this feature!).

During the show Andrea Vallinotto held two conferences, one aimed to the users and another one aimed to the developers. Andrea made the announcement that OS4 is already running on the 405PPC processor from IBM. This processor is used mainly for HandHeld devices.
Like already said in other places the planned release of OS4 Final is by the end of the year (yes, THIS year, hopefully ).

A reporter from "Punto-Informatico", an importan on-line Italian IT site, was here to do a report of the show.

Some dealers were present selling Amiga Stuff (and micros of course): Virtual Works, Soft3 and Alternative Technology.

Michele Magliocca was also present with his Pegasos showing MOS and the latest stuff for this system.

There were many other things to see (Zeta, OS4Games.it - a new site dedicated to games for OS4 but only in italian for now - AmigaPlatform, Bitplane with the last issue of the magazine and other I probably forgot).

Some links:

Pianeta Amiga Official Web Site
Virtual Works
Alternative Technologies
Pegasos italia
ITBug - BeOS usergroup
Amiga Platform
Bitplane Magazine

Some photos of the event (more will be added later):

Photos by ZakPlus
Photos on AmigaPage

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