Step by Step A1, OS4 and A1/Linux Instructions!

Date 8-Sep-2005 2:47:17
Topic: hardware OS4

Pages relating to the A1, hardware, linux and OS4 with many step by step instructions have just been put officially on line on the Amiga Auckland Website.

These include setting up dual booting - researched over 40 installs for instance, Sarge upgrade, transfer partitions, Sil boards, and of course OS4 stuff which is still being researched.

You need to look round a bit. For instance after doing an update to Sarge, for details on login you need to go to the About Linux button then Security. For transfer partitions go to the About Linux/Miscellaneous button. While setting up for dual booting on the OS4 side you should also come across instructions for setting up the Amiga transfer partition. Of course we would like feedback, corrections and alternatives.

This site began life as a partial substitute for our BBS but grew as a whole range of useful stuff was added, amiga and non-amiga.

Want to look up a stock exhange or a webcam in the antarctic for instance?

The club has vastly exceeded its alloted size but the IP seems to tolerate us because of the usefulness of the general data.

I've been told there are at least 500 pages but I have seen only about 390 so far! Click on a button and other buttons will usually spring up under it. If not check out the links within a page. One "here" for instance has 291 pages under it, being data on classic amigas gathered at a time when it seemed like useful sites carrying this data were vanishing, just in case.

The huge glossary has been continuously added to for at least 10 years though that was a while before this website started up.

The webmaster, Garran Whitley, has been employed much of his life troubleshooting databases and networks, government systems and stock exchanges. He still has a PET and his A3000 developer machine was used at times to tweak the Sydney stock exchange from home on "callouts".

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