Troika Progress Report

Date 12-Sep-2005 22:53:36
Topic: hardware OS4

Troika Progress Report

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Before we start...
We would firstly like to thank all those who have written emails wishing us luck with our project. Its the enthusiasm of you, the users that drives us. Thank you!

Beta Testers
Many of you have expressed an interest in becoming a beta tester for the "Prometheus" motherboard. Rest assured, that we have been working this plan out. Please address all inquiries about beta testing to us, and not Hyperion, they have OS4 to finish, and we all need it done.

Again, we are overwhelmed by the interest expressed by many dealers and individuals about selling our product, we apologize for not returning your emails, We haven't forgotten you, but our total focus currently is getting the new motherboard completed. Rest assured, we will be in touch.

About the "Prometheus" Board
The place to visit on September 24th, Big Bash 3 UK. and the launch of our web site.
We look forward to releasing more details to many of the questions that have been asked.. Provided all our electronic parts show on time, we will have one of our prototypes available at Big Bash 3.


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