WolnyCD 1.2

Date 17-Sep-2005 9:49:44
Topic: Software News

WolnyCD is a tool that allows you to set read-speed of your CD-ROM (CD-R/CD-RW). This should work with most of the ATAPI devices and with some SCSI ones. The aim of this tool is to quiet the engine of your CD drive. In most cases it enhances the read abilities. New features:
- option of recognising by volume or device name
- italian catalog.

In the archive you will find three versions of this tool: AmigaOS 3.x, AmigaOS 4.0, MorphOS.
More information (only in polish language) can be obtained from here (bottom of the text). Don't be afraid - in the archive there is polish and english guide with the description of all the options.

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