E-UAE 0.8.28 released

Date 21-Sep-2005 7:57:11
Topic: Software News

Version 0.8.28 of the portable Amiga emulator has at last been released, at great cost to the sanity of the maintainer.

Binaries are available for AmigaOS (both AmigaOS4 and classic 68k machines) and for the AmigaOS clones MorphOS and AROS as well as a Linux, MacOS X and BeOS.

This version features a tweaked AmigaOS graphics driver which now works properly on AmigaOS4 update #3 and the OS4.0 build offers better performance, an improved SCSI emulation (this lets you access host CD-ROM drives directly), AmigaInput support and at last a useful CD32 emulation (take a look at this screenshot of the CD32 version of SuperFrog running at full-speed on an 800MHz A1-XE - or at least it would have been if I wasn't taking of a screenshot).

Two OS4.0 builds are available - one which uses the native graphics driver and one which uses the SDL library. The former does not yet support E-UAE's Picasso96 emulation, so if you want to emulate an Amiga with a graphics card, use the SDL version for now. Otherwise, the non-SDL version offers better performance (especially for the CD32 emulation).

See http://www.rcdrummond.net/uae/ for more information and for downloads.

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