T Minus 3 and Counting to Amiga BigBash 3

Date 22-Sep-2005 18:50:37
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The Moment has almost arrived and Amiga Big Bash 3 will be occuring this coming Saturday, 24th September 2005

We are happy to announce that Amiga Retro Experience and Amber Inc have joined our list of Exhibitors at this event. From the latest Amiga hardware, to some of the finest retro software and hardware available on the Amiga platform, Amiga BigBash 3 has it all!

To Recap, here's what's happening on the day....

See and Do
Troika - New Amiga MotherBoard (Prototype B)
Come and See all the latest news on the second revision motherboard before final Production.

A1 4 U - Build it Area. (Cancelled - Due to lack of Available A1 Boards)

Amiga Medic Area. (Free Service)
Got a hardware or software problem on your existing Amiga? Be it Classic or AmigaOne, our Amiga medic area, manned by experienced volunteers will do their best to fix that long standing issue you may have. Just bring your Amiga, relevant software etc, we will have the monitor, leads, keyboards, mice etc ready and waiting.

AmigaOne Fix it (15 to cover cost of parts and time required to do the work)
We are proud to announce that AmigaOne Productions will be at hand on the day to repair existing problems on AmigaOne XE/SE boards. Please note that the fix is done at your own risk and prebooking in advance is required.

Amiga OS4
We are proud to announce that Amiga OS4 Betatester Ryu and M.A.G will be attending the Demonstrating AOS4 Running on PPC based Classic A1200T and A4000 Machines

Live Webcast and Webcam
Sounds, commentry and live images from 1:30pm

We are proud to Announce that AmigaKit will be attending the show selling a range of Amiga wares, from games to applications, hardware and consumables.

Stellar Dreams.
The Only UK AmigaOne Dealer will be in attendance selling a wide range of Amiga Goodies.

Total Amiga Magazine
The Worlds Biggest Selling, English Language Amiga Magazine will also be in attendance on the day.

Amiga Retro Experience.
Does what it says on the name. Buy titles of Amiga software from yesteryear.

Amber Inc.
Pegasos Dealer.

Bring and Buy Area
Come and find a Bargain in our bring and buy Area, from PPC based Amiga 1200's to Plain A500's etc. Loads of Software, hardware and peripherals available from Amiga users who are having a clear out, their loss, could be your gain!
(Note: One Free Table still remaining)

* AmigaOne's/AOS4
* Classic Amigas
* Morphos
* Refreshments
* Cheap Bar.

After Show Banquet
Don't wonder out, stay in, pay an additional 10 on the admittance charge and you can join, exhibitors, organisers and volunteers for a meal in the main hall after 6:45 pm.

We look forward to seeing you at the event, head to Peterborough this Saturday

Admittance is 3.50. Doors Open at 1:00pm and Close at 6:00.
Venue: Stafford Hall, Hampton Court, Westwood, Peterborough, PE3 7LD

For more information, please check our website http://www.amigabigbash.net

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