Amiga Forever 2005 About to be Released

Date 28-Sep-2005 12:53:45
Topic: Software News

Software Hut is pleased to announce that we are the North American
distributor of the newest version of this popular emulator. This is a must have
release of the ever popular Amiga Forever emulator. For the thousands of our
customers who have bought previous versions of this great program you know that
Amiga Forever allows users to turn their PCs into virtual Amiga's. Because of
the speed of today's PCs, you can run many applications much faster than you
ever could with an actual 060 equipped 4000 Tower.

Among the new features of Amiga Forever 2005 include 2 full dual layer,
professionally mastered DVDs packed with Amiga videos that are available no
where else. There is almost 6 hours of video including the much sought after
full version of the Deathbed Vigil. Also included is a CD with Amiga Forever
2005 including these great features:

- Original Amiga ROM and OS files (all versions from 1.0 to 3.X)

- Additional emulation and drivers (RTG, SCSI, TCP/IP, AHI, CDTV, CD32, etc.)

- Preconfigured WinUAE and WinFellow emulation engines with auto-updates

- Preinstalled games, demos and applications (web browser, paint, etc.)

- Support for thousands of downloadable Amiga games and applications

- Amiga Explorer and Amiga Files data sharing framework

- Optionally-bootable CD, based on KX Light (boots any PC into Amiga OS)

- Special features and gallery of items of historical interest

- Much, much more...

Even though Cloanto has added 2 full DVDs and all these features the
price is still the same as previous versions! A full version of Amiga Forever
2005 is only $ 54.95 and an upgrade is only $ 34.95. For existing owners, the
upgrade is the full 2 DVD, 1 CD version and is available to anyone who has an
existing version (any version # from 1 to 6) of Amiga Forever installed and who
has access to their Amiga Forever serial #. Check our web site for more info on
all the new features and Videos and to order your copy today at:

Then click on "New Amiga Forever 2005 just Released" under featured

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