Battle of Wesnot for OS4

Date 28-Sep-2005 23:44:45
Topic: Software News

I've successfully compiled Battle of Wesnoth.

The Battle for Wesnoth is a free, turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme, and is now available for Amiga OS4.

Fight to regain the throne of Wesnoth, of which you are the legitimate heir, or use your dread power over the Undead to dominate the land of mortals, or lead your glorious Orcish tribe to victory against the humans who dared despoil your lands … Wesnoth has many different sagas waiting to be played out. You can create your own custom units, and write your own scenarios – or even full-blown campaigns. You can also challenge your friends – or strangers – and fight multi-player epic fantasy battles.

I'll post it on my site and then on os4 depot because the archive is really big. So if os4depot's admins want to download it from my site it would be really appreciated..

to run it (for now):

Assign USR: YourPath:path_where_wesnoth_exec_is
run wesnoth

assign USr: DH2:Wesnoth
run wesnoth

When it starts, it is a little bit slow. so don't worry for the black screen. It has many options that can be passed to the command line. So a Gui (DANIEEEELLLL!!!) it is needed as usual..


UPDATE: Link to download site is

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