SimplePlay 3.0 released

Date 4-Oct-2005 5:17:37
Topic: Software News

SimplePlay 3.0 has been released. Download it from

SimplePlay is a music and sound player for OS4 based on the SDL_Mixer library. Very simple program, but supports so many formats. Currently, MP3, OGG, MOD, IT, S3M, XM, WAV, VOC, MIDI, AIFF. It uses MUI, make sure to download betterstring.mcc and nlist.mcc from OS4depot also if you do not have them already.

New in version 3 is a Jump Window to quickly locate and play songs in your playlist, and MP3 support (thanks to afxgroup for his work in making the new SDL_Mixer work correctly).

Another screenshot

This program was written initially because there was no way to play some formats on OS4.

Everyone loves jahc.

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