6 CD image conversion utilities ported to AOS4

Date 11-Oct-2005 10:23:01
Topic: Software News

b5i2iso, bin2iso, ccd2iso, cdi2iso, mdf2iso and pdi2iso.

These are a couple of tools to convert popular CD Image formats to .ISO, making it possible for us to burn them on our sweet Amigas using MakeCD for example.

Now you can burn images created with;

CDRWin, Alcohol 120%, CloneCD, BlindWrite, DiscJuggler and Instant Copy.

Who needs those crappy windows burning apps now huh?

I started this porting spree because i needed to burn DiscJuggler images to my newly aquired DreamCast. I wanted to check out some homebrew stuff, but it was kinda fun, so I decided to port some more, you never know when you might need 'em!

EDIT: They are available for download from OS4 Depot.

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