AmiPodder 1.3 Released

Date 13-Oct-2005 20:04:32
Topic: Software News

A new version of the Amiga's only podcast receiver is now available. AmiPodder 1.3 includes several user interface improvements. For example, you can now multi-select podcasts for download or sync, this feature, combined with the "smart" channels added in version 1.1, means you can now decide exactly what podcasts should be synced to your MP3 player.

AmiPodder is a free download from:

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If you have an MP3 player with limited capacity, AmiPodder will now show you the space required for the selected podcasts and how much is available on the player so you can choose a selection of podcasts that will fit.

Version 1.3 also includes support for more players as requested by users and a couple of bug fixes.

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