Alchimie 5

Date 14-Oct-2005 13:42:09
Topic: Events

The Alchimie 5 show in France will take place in Tain l'Hermitage, east of France and it will last for 3 days!!!
From 29 to 31 October, OS4 users, MOS users, Linux fans, Mac fans will meet. There will be even young coders that code demos in ASM on TI calculators!

There will be prices of all kinds (hardware, bottles of wine, surprises!) for all competitions. Rules are completely opened.

You can do a reservation here. Prices are 16 Euros for 1 day, 30 for 2 and 31 for 3 days. and it's 16 euros for girls whatever the number of days.

The train station is close to the place and hotels too.
The website is in french only but if you want to come, don't hesitate to ask for any information. Just PM me.

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