DvPlayer 0.48 Released

Date 16-Oct-2005 3:28:22
Topic: Software News

I'm happy to announce that a new version of DvPlayer is now available and can be downloaded from the DvPlayer website. The website has now been moved to a new and faster host: http://dvplayer.amigarevolution.com, many thanks to Kyle Kivi (NeRP) for hosting the DvPlayer homepage.

Changes since the previous release:

- Implemented on-the-fly scaling of 2:1 aspect movies
- Added a workaround for the short buffer AHI problem
- Added support for non-interleaved AVI files
- Many fixes and improvements in the AVI code (prebuffering, etc.) to solve problems with most AVI files
- Added triplebuffer for fullscreen
- Added 32bit fullscreen support
- Added possibility to change the skin on-the-fly
- Added Audio Boost option
- Many more small improvements and bugfixes

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