"ADT Find" functionality is BACK!

Date 16-Oct-2005 2:29:52
Topic: Internet News

The search function on the main aminet ftp server is back!

Aminet can be used by FTP as you all know. With some Amiga FTP clients, there is a protocol called ADT (Aminet Directory Tool). This expands on the FTP standard and gives Aminet users the ability to see file descriptions, the last 7 days of uploads, and the directory name it is located in (etc util/arc, mus/edit), etc.

This is nothing new. But, when www.aminet.net was reborn with a new web interface and new uploads were being accepted again, the "Find" functionality of ADT was broken! But thanks to nicomen, this functionality is back! So you can search for files easily with your favourite Amiga ADT capable FTP client, such as AmFTP or AmiTradeCenter. I'm not keen on the web interface myself. There are probably people who prefer it, but the choice is back again.

Screenshot: My AmiTradeCenter setup, displaying a common search

Configure your FTP clients to use the ADT server "aminet.net" and the Aminet server "ftp.aminet.net". Thank you nicomen!

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