clib2 1.196 released

Date 18-Oct-2005 14:37:37
Topic: Software News

Humm, coders are too busy to notice this update ?

Anyway, the clib2 (static) runtime library has been released. I had a hard time finding the release notes but here they are:


- Removed the various workarounds associated with , required for building code that references the networking API.
- Implemented lrintf(), lrint(), lroundf(), lround(), nearbyintf(), nearbyint(), remquof(), remquo(), roundf(), round(), tgammaf(), tgamma(), truncf(), trunc().
- accept() now calls the bsdsocket.library accept() function first and then hooks up the socket with the clib2 data structures.
- When the main() function returns directly or indirectly by way of calling exit(), the IoErr() value set at this time will now be preserved until the program really returns control to the shell.
- strtoimax(), strtoumax(), strtod(), strtof(), strtol(), strtoll(), strtoul() and strtoull() now count how many digits were converted.

More details are in the release notes file.

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