Commodore Amiga Information Source and Amiga Future Cooperate

Date 19-Oct-2005 9:27:09
Topic: Announcement

Patric Klöter wrote:

I was too busy the last weeks to keep my Amiga website uptodate. Because of this I make the following announcement: The articles of the Commodore Amiga Information Source will be transferred into the Amiga Future website. Whether into the articles database or another place isn't clear at the moment. Andreas and I will try to get as many articles as possible from my website. Since of this my website will go offline soon. This action includes the guestbook, the board and the mailing list. That's why I'm refering to the board of the Amiga Future now.

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Taking this step isn't easy fpr me but I'm glad to know that the contents
will get preserved by the Amiga Future.

I want to thank all Commodore and Amiga fans for visiting my site and for the feedback for the last 4 1/2 years.

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