Frying Pan now available via Paypal

Date 20-Oct-2005 2:31:01
Topic: Software News

I have a message from Faranheit, I'm from Quebec and I received the
registration and the latest version by E-Mail using Paypal to pay. Here is
the message he sent to the FryingPan ML.

Hi all there,

I have created one personnal Paypal account for me !
So, for people who can't send money to Tomasz directly, you can ask me for
registration if you want.
I'm from France, so I suppose it will be good for anybody in europe at least

Thanks !
F.L. Computer
2-4, Rue du Moulin
Tel : (+352) 26 53 24 62
Fax : (+352) 26 53 16 93
Mail :
Internet :
Contact direct sur AIM : faranheit57 ou faranheit76
Contact direct sur MSN :
Contact direct sur ICQ : 81617715

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