Cubic IDE released

Date 21-Oct-2005 19:51:53
Topic: Software News

Cubic IDE is a development environment for AmigaOS and MorphOS. It will provide you with all the advanced features and customization you will need to boost productivity.

The central part of CubiC IDE is the editor GoldED8. The package includes several free C/C++ compilers such as gcc, the HTML add-on Webworld, a LISP interpreter, the spell checking package Joyce, Roget's Thesaurus, authoring modes for Rexx macros and installation scripts and other components. It supports developers from writing the source code and writing the documentation (AmigaGuide and AutoDoc modes and spellchecking) to making the installation with the included Installation builder. Cubic IDE seamlessly integrates with SAS/C, vbcc, gcc and the StormC3 development environment:

- Source level debugger support for StormC3 users: breakpoints are displayed next to the text.

- A configurable references system for AudoDocs, includes, source codes and other material helps you with finding and browsing information quickly.

- The QuickInfo function constantly shows information related to the word under the cursor (e.g. prototypes of OS functions).

- QuickFunc navigation help lists all functions, labels etc. defined in your source codes.

- Built-in grep support allows you to search patterns in a list of files.

Cubic IDE was previsouly named GoldED Studio AIX and the internal name was GoldED 7 (upgrades for GoldED AIX users are on the Cubic IDE site, log-in to your account). The new name was selected to better reflect the content. The version number of this release is 1.0 which is a compromise of a 8.0 editor and a 0.5 IDE :) And this is the new logo.

The recommended retail price is 69,90 EUR. During the first week, the introductory price is only 49,90 EUR. The software can be purchased in the Cubic IDE Webshop.


AmigaOS3 and MorphOS 1.4.x. AmigaOS4 is not officially supported but attempts were made to support this platform, too.

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