100% AMIGA CD Magazine Issue 34 ? Out now!

Date 7-Mar-2003 20:00:01
Topic: Announcement

Feeling ripped off at losing $50 to Amiga Inc? Find out how to get your money back even if Amiga refuses to reply?

Due to concerns from our customers, this month?s feature is a step by step guide on how to retrieve your credit card payments from Amiga Inc (or any other company that has taken your money without supplying the goods). Discover the secret ?rights? and ?protection? you have that nobody ever tells you about and how the ?credit card chargeback? system works. And yes, it is not too late to get it!

Also featured this month is a look at the game INVASION. Of course we also have the usual roundup of Amiga news and free stuff on the CD.100%AMIGAFOREMATT

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