AmiSSL v1 and v2 updated installer archives released.

Date 1-Nov-2005 4:05:31
Topic: Software News

Updated installer archives for AmiSSL v1 and v2 have been released on the AmiSSL page. The libraries themselves have not been changed (except for OS4 glue code), just the installation archives and the installation process. See below for information on whether or not there is a need to update.

Here is the list of changes:

AmiSSL v1

- An all-in-one installation archive is now available.
- The installer script has been modified to use AmiSSL:Libs instead of LIBS: for AmiSSL libraries to be consistent with later AmiSSL releases. Also, installation of the certificates has been improved.
- The updated OS4 glue files have been included. The crash which sometimes happened with crashlog pointing to amissl.l.main should be fixed now.
- Only international version is included since the RSA patent has expired.
- Certificates that have expired have been removed, new certificates have been added.

AmiSSL v2

- The installer script has been updated to behave similarly to the one for upcoming AmiSSL v3: installation of the certificates has been improved and newer versions of amisslmaster.library won't be overwritten with the older versions.
- Certificates that have expired have been removed, new certificates have been added.

Note: the old AmiSSL v2 archive at IOSPIRIT will also be replaced with this archive soon.

When to update an existing AmiSSL installation

In any case, please use the latest installation archives for future installations.

AmiSSL v2 installations don't need an update (you might want to replace AmiSSL:Certs directory with the one included in the archive though).

If you have AmiSSL v1 installation (with or without AmiSSL v2 installation), you should reinstall it using the new installation archive in following cases:

- If you are using it on OS4 in order to have updated glue files installed.
- If you are currently using USA/Canada version.
- If you prefer to have all AmiSSL files inside AmiSSL: assign.
- If you had problems with AmiSSL v1 in the past. The installation process should be much easier and less error prone now.

Since AmiSSL v1 libraries and glue files are now installed into AmiSSL:Libs instead of LIBS: and since the Installer script won't replace the library if it has the same version number (for example when updating USA/Canada version of amissl.library with the international version), reinstalling AmiSSL means removing all AmiSSL v1 files first.

The files to be removed are: blowfish.library, cast.library, des.library, idea.library, md2.library, md5.library, mdc2.library, rc2.library, rc4.library, rc5.library, ripemd.library, sha.library (all located in LIBS:AmiSSL), LIBS:amissl.library, all AmiSSL glue files on OS4 (amissl.l.main, blowfish.l.main etc, all located in LIBS:). You may also remove AmiSSL command line tool if you have it installed.

Something to keep in mind when (re)installing AmiSSL v1 and v2 on OS4: unless something changes, AmiSSL v3 will have AmiSSL: pointing to Devs:AmiSSL.

Things to note

AmiSSL v2 is not a replacement for AmiSSL v1. These two can coexist if you are using programs written for different AmiSSL versions. For example, AWeb 3.5.07 uses AmiSSL v1 and IBrowse 2.3 uses AmiSSL v2.

AmiSSL v2 and AmiSSL v3 should not be confused with SSL2 and SSL3. SSL2 and SSL3 are secure protocols which all AmiSSL versions support and are not related to AmiSSL version numbers.

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